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Formalized Staff Training Processes

We at Coachman Square at Woodbridge understand that for our team to do the very best job they can to care for residents, they must be supported with formal training programs. Monthly education programming is delivered at all levels throughout our organization. Topics range from identifying successful activities for those suffering from memory challenges to working with residents who speak English as a second language.

Standardized training means that associates are enabled to do their best and that Coachman Square at Woodbridge delivers consistent, state-of-the-art care for our residents.

Benchmark University

Benchmark’s professional development component is perhaps our greatest area of pride, growth, and success. Although a young company, we have built an entire corporate university that is second-to-none in the assisted living industry. Benchmark lets its associates grow and develop and we have dedicated extensive time and financial resources to achieving this goal. For that reason, Benchmark University was created and is available to all associates at all times.

Benchmark University is designed in two distinct learning models: The Leadership Academy, which provides executive and management development experiences for our highest potential leaders; and The Program for Excellence, which is a skills-based series of courses, workshops, seminars, and experiential learning programs for all associates offering almost 30 different trainings.

Formalized staff training process at Coachman Square at Woodbridge for senior caregivers.